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Band Singer : Vocals

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D'Arcy Christensen : Lead Guitar, Vocals

D'Arcy began his life of music at the tender age of 10, starting out on sax. At the age of 14 he picked up the guitar, and never put it down. D'Arcy studied music throughout school including 4 years in college as a Music Major, 2 years on sax studying jazz theory and 2 years on flute studying classical theory. He has played guitar in many bands since the age of 17 and has authored dozens of originals, many of which are available online at and covering several genres.


Tony Gotelli : Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals

Tony began music lessons at age 7; at age 12 he was given special acceptance to study music theory privately with Professor Ernie Glow of Hayward State University. By the time his teen years rolled around he was a professional musician doing session work and touring. Having received his Bachelors Degree in Piano and Vocal performance he also plays guitar and harmonica and has evolved over the years into a versatile and mature multi-instrumentalist. He is best known as a "texture player" with a unique ability to employ digital technology that replicates just the right set of sounds for each song he is called upon to perform.


L. Perry Birch, Jr. : Bass, Vocals



Neil Collepardi : Drums, Vocals

Neil has been playing drums professionally since he was 15. Playing all types of music and having toured the Atlantic coast and Northeast US in the 70s and 80, Neil moved to Northern California in 89 where he played alternative rock for almost 15 years, recently retuning to play blues and rock and roll. Neil has spent time in the studio with each of the bands he has played in, and can be heard on several LPs and CDs.

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