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Gary Allen

Gary Allen: Vocals and Lead Guitar

Gary’s interest in music started at an early age, giving his first public performance at the age of 15 with his band, “Just Us”, in Banning California - in which he played guitar and was the vocalist with that group. Gary was influenced early on by all the different music his family listened to. Since that time music has always been a big part of his life and he has the passion to perform as much as possible. Gary has been writing songs since the 60’s to the present day, in all different genres. When not performing with SOL Infusion, Gary has a solo act where he provides entertainment at the local wineries and country clubs around the Sacramento area.


Tony Gotelli: Keyboards, Synthesizer and Vocals


Tony Maddux: Bass Guitar and Vocals

Tony has been playing the bass for a number of years and has been in many bands throughout the Sacramento area and around the country. Musically influenced by a wide variety of previous endeavors, his experience comes from performing all genres of music. He loves playing 'in the pocket' and holding the bottom end down with fat notes.


Neil Collepardi: Drums and Vocals

Neil has been playing drums professionally since he was 15. Playing all types of music and having toured the Atlantic coast and Northeast US in the 70s and 80, Neil moved to Northern California in 89 where he played alternative rock for almost 15 years, recently retuning to play blues and rock and roll. Neil has spent time in the studio with each of the bands he has played in, and can be heard on several LPs and CDs.

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